Community Bike Racks

One of our first projects is the installation of bike racks throughout Eaton, Ohio and then throughout the county.  The chief goal with this project is to Increase the number of bicycle parking options at popular destinations throughout the community and thus increasing bicycle usage. One of the chief complaints from cyclists is that their is no safe place to park and secure bicycles when making trips to local businesses and we hope help rectify this.  We would like to see attractive and highly functional bike racks in front of our schools, libraries, restaurants, the courthouse and shopping areas.

Route 50

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has designated a west-east corridor crossing the center of the state to be developed as United States Bike Route 50 (USBR 50). USBR 50 will be part of a national network of bicycle routes running from California to Washington D.C. , linking urban, suburban, and rural areas using a variety of existing cycling facilities

Preble County is very lucky as Route 50 is planned to run through the county linking Wayne County's Cardinal Greenway to the Miami Valley bike trail system. This route will bring commerce and tourism to our area and allow us to show off our beautiful county. This is a roadway bike route, no new construction will be done to create Route 50 in Preble County and signage will be install marking the route at no cost to Preble County.

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs are sustained efforts by parents, schools, community leaders and local, state, and federal governments to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school.

SRTS programs examine conditions around schools and conduct projects and activities that work to improve safety and accessibility, and reduce traffic and air pollution in the vicinity of schools. As a result, these programs help make bicycling and walking to school safer and more appealing transportation choices thus encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age.  A grant has be awarded to help fund the project and Eaton Public schools are working with the City of Eaton to implement the Safe Routes to School recommendations. 

Helmet and Bicycle Education

We are still in the planning phase of our Educational Outreach programming.  We want to help schools and parents educate children on how to be safe while bike riding and still have fun. Some of the educational topics we would like to cover are:
  • Helmets: Fit and the habit of wearing one
  • Interacting with Traffic and Safe Road Riding Habits
  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance
  • Group Riding Activities
  •  Have ideas? Tell us!

Preble Bike Route Maps 

In 2018 Preble Trails helped a local student, Brad Sorrell, with his eagle scout badge. His project was to make some onine accessible Bike Route Maps of recommended Preble Bike Paths. Brad, his friends, family, fellow scouts and a few Preble Trails members test road the routes and you can try them yourself now by using the links below. 

photo credit: Singletrack via photopin (license)